This week I have been using “wonky veg” from Asda in cooking.9366445

A few thoughts:

  • The vegetables didn’t seem very wonky! I was expecting odd shapes, and was a little disappointed that there was nothing to giggle at 🙂
  • I thought there was a lot of veg included for £3.50.4459027
  • The box contained potatoes, carrots, red onions, leeks, parsnips, cabbage, cucumber & green peppers.
  • I would definitely buy “wonky veg” in the supermarket after using this box.
  • I used 3 small red onions, one large potato, 2 carrots and a parsnip in the chowder pictured. I added a small amount of bacon, sweetcorn, chicken stock, milk & dried parsley. Thumbs up from the whole family for taste!

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