Parents Feedback

Feedback from Parents about Staff Training & Monitoring Programme

In 2014 nursery staff at Bright Horizons Cramond Nursery began running Food Monsters classes , as part of the nursery’s regular programme of activities.

What do you think about staff running monthly Food Monsters classes for all children in the age 2-3s room?

  • “Very good idea, because the children already know the staff so have more confidence in them when being asked to try something new.”
  • “I think it is excellent that my daughter has the opportunity to partake in Food Monsters as trying new things and developing a taste for vegetables.”
  • “I think it is a great idea and great that the nursery can deliver this without charging parents extra.”
  • “I think it is a great idea! At that age, the peer pressure that would previously entice my son to eat everything offered at nursery (mind, not at home) was working against us (‘But mummy, Child X doesn’t like tomatoes’) with the introduction of the new word ‘disgusting’ – much to my dismay. I haven’t hear it for the past few months though, so hopefully the Food Monsters classes were effective in counterbalancing these attitudes.”
  • “It’s a good option to have to offer to the children.”
  • “I think it’s a great idea, good way of introducing food such as fruit & veg and different textures to the children.”

Would the provision of free Food Monsters classes have an impact on your choice of nursery?

  • “Not sure, the nursery report ratings are more likely to have an impact but I am sure running the Food Monsters classes will help with the scores.”
  • “Yes, I think it is really important to try everything to get children to eat a variety of fruit and veg from an early age, and Food Monsters is one way to achieve this.”
  • “Potentially yes – good selling point that you have a “free” class as well as paid for optional classes.”

General Feedback from Parents about Food Monsters activities

  • “My daughter is at least more likely to try something even if she still says she doesn’t like it!”
  • “My daughter enjoyed the classes and I feel her trying new things in front of her peers is a really good thing.”
  • “I noticed that very recently my son started to try new foods, even if he then decides to not eat them, whereas before he would outright refuse. “
  • “Yes my daughter knows her fruit and vegetables when I ask her ‘what do I have in my hand?’ or on a plate when preparing food to eat.”
  • “She is getting a lot of enjoyment from the sessions.”
  • “He’s obviously enjoying it, and positive messages from multiple sources about enjoying food have to be a good thing.”
    “My daughter is far more receptive to trying new things”.
  • “My daughter is much more adventurous now – she has a better relationship with food generally”.
  • “Willingness to try more at home, not as fussy! – success”.
  • “Has been attempting a wider range of fruit and veg”.
  • “Great to see she is tasting more, and what she likes”
  • “He’s always been a good eater but feel he’s now more confident to try new foods.”