1229717_origThis year has marked a change of direction for Food Monsters, towards providing training for nursery staff in more accessible, affordable ways. So far three in-hous
e Workshops have taken place in Edinburgh nurseries, and the feedback has been so good that I cannot keep it to myself any more!

Pictured are staff from Bright Horizons Bruntsfield Nursery getting hand-on with lemons.

So what did staff think about the Workshop?

“very enjoyable: range of activities, worksheets and activity plans is helpful”
“well explained, friendly relaxed atmosphere, easy to follow, enjoyed doing the hands-on activity”
“very enjoyable and well explained”
“it was interesting and something different, well organised and I liked the activity”
“it was really good and I was impressed with the video, and the practical activity helped me understand how to engage the children into this experience”
“it showed a simple way to get children involved with new foods, and the fact that it is an easy activity will encourage the staff to do it”
“I enjoyed it, good information and really good ideas, activity was simple and kids will really enjoy it”
I can’t wait to do more Workshops and get the positive ideas “out there”. I would like to thank all the nursery staff who have taken part enthusiastically so far!

By working together we really can succeed at teaching children to enjoy healthy food by the time they start primary school 🙂