The Christmas Day meal can be a tricky experience with young kids. Here are some advance tips to make it easier on the day.  In a couple of weeks we will look at  more tips you can use on Christmas Day itself.

Over the next few weeks:

  • Offer different Christmas meal items that your child may not have eaten before, both at mealtimes and as snacks. You will get the best results from offering new foods several times, and always when your child is hungry.
  • Include all the different vegetables, roast potatoes, small sausages wrapped in bacon, cranberry sauce etc. You want your child to see what these look like, even if they choose not to taste them.
  • Talk to your child about the different foods, taste them yourself and talk about the textures and colours.
  • Talk about the foods that you enjoy on Christmas Day, and show your child pictures online of what the Christmas meal might look like.