Although keen to make healthy family meals,   I am not the greatest cook in the world. My natural impatience doesn’t help! I am quick to dismiss recipes  if they have too many ingredients , sound “faffy” or take too long.

I love this cookbook and have  made several recipes from it, some of which have become firm family favourites.

The Baked Penne with Courgette and home-made Italian Sausage is known in our house as “baked pasta, yeah!” (I use about 300g pasta for 2 adults and 2 children).  In the spirit of the book, my son Euan loves to squish the pork mince with  the spices and grate the courgettes.

The Creamy Prawn Curry is fast and delicious, and I use cooked king prawns to make it even quicker. I don’t add any water to the sauce, and use a  shake of cinnamon instead of the cinnamon stick.  I also  include a couple of chopped peppers with the onion to up the vegetable portions.Here is Euan with the  Creamy Prawn Curry that he made  last week.  I’m sure Nick Coffer would approve!

I also love the Easy Chicken and Apricot Casserole, using about 125g of dried apricots, and it is great served with long grain and wild rice as an  alternative to the couscous.

Both the  baked pasta sauce and the  chicken  casserole freeze really well, so I always make at least double the quantity  for an easy midweek meal another day.

This book is a  top Christmas gift for anyone looking for  different healthy family meals  that are straightforward and quick to cook. Highly recommended 🙂