Today’s post is about talking to children positively about enjoying healthy food.

Finding reasons for children to enjoy healthy food that work for them is really important. Remember that the reasons apply to the child, not necessarily to you!

Think about the child’s interests:8017286

  • Do they like sports, dancing, or jumping on a trampoline?
  • Would they like shiny hair, or good skin?
  • Would they like to be able to concentrate at school?
  • Do they want to feel energetic and good about themselves?

Tell children about the health benefits of foods when you offer them. Do some research with children by looking up nutrition facts on the Internet.

Download the ‘quick facts’ list of vegetables and fruit and their benefits below, and use it when talking to children. Don’t make it a big deal, just throw in the odd comment, e.g. do you know that broccoli is good for your bones? Stick the list on your fridge and you may find that your children start educating you about the benefits of fruit and veg!

Talk about the healthy foods that you enjoy too, and how you feel after eating them.

Good luck 🙂