I like variety at peppersmealtimes and often experiment with my cooking. This week I was reminded that simplifying food can be a good thing, and not to over-think what to cook!

A friend of my son’s comes for tea regularly, so I know some of his favourite meals. Struggling for inspiration this week with a fridge of leftovers, I remembered that he loves pasta with pesto sauce and chicken or bacon.

“That’s boring”, I thought, but I had bacon pieces and pesto in the fridge so I started frying the bacon pieces. Then I chopped a green and red pepper and added them to the pan, thinking “they’re going to pick the pepper bits out”.

After putting the wholewheat spaghetti on to boil, I added a good scoop of pesto, some half-fat creme fraiche and a bit of milk to the bacon & peppers and heated it through. The meal took less than half an hour to prepare. “This feels like cheating”, I thought.

I drained the spaghetti, mixed it with the sauce and put it in bowls. The three boys all added grated parmesan – and wolfed the whole lot. And they all say they don’t really like peppers! Hmmmm. Time to simplify? 🙂