A couple of weeks ago we looked at  tips to prepare  children for the Christmas Day feast. Here are some tips for the  big day itself, the final tip is the most important  🙂

  • Keep snacks to a minimum, especially mince pies and crisps!
  • Offer healthy seasonal snacks such as clementines, apples, stoned dates and unsalted nuts such as cashews. A fruit & nut sharing platter looks appealing.
  • Go for a walk before sitting down to eat. This will build up appetites as well as keeping everyone  away from snacks.
  • Serve small portions to children so that the plate does not look overwhelming. You can always serve a second helping if they want more.
  • Make sure there is at least one item on the plate that your child recognises.
  • When everyone sits down for the meal, talk about how delicious the meal looks and what your favourite part of the meal is.
  • Allow your child to get on with their meal, and focus on enjoying yours  🙂