Sometimes I get into a wee rut with meals, usually towards the end of the school term when creativity and time are at a low point. Last week I was reminded of the importance of offering different foods to my kids.

Euan, aged 10, came home from his friend’s house on Friday, and told me he had eaten sausage rolls for lunch and enjoyed them. This may not sound surprising, but Euan has been adamant for years that he doesn’t like pastry. Not that this has bothered me much 🙂 But it is nice to now be able to offer steak pie occasionally (with veg, of course!)8774325

School holidays are a time when I step away from the usual suspect meals and cook different things, but it doesn’t need to be about new recipes.

My top tip for using the holidays to experiment is to offer “new” veg in a way that looks similar to veg that your child already likes, or as part of a meal that your child loves.

For example, I first encouraged my kids to eat asparagus by chopping it into small pieces, then including it in a risotto with peas.

So my challenge to you for the holidays is:

Think about what veg your child likes: can you replace some or all of the “liked” veg with a “new” veg that looks similar? Start with small amounts of the “new” foods and you can increase the quantity over time.

Good luck, and have a fantastic Christmas!